Whats in your head?

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t done a post like this in five
months! So I got up off my butt and started to work with Sam’s 70D for
some new posts. Funnily enough I’ve become so rusty that I enjoyed the
photo Sam took on my iPhone 6 Plus far more than I liked anything
I took with the camera, tripod and self timer but oh well, that’s life.

I bought these shoes with money mum gave me for christmas last
year  but apparently I have never really gotten around to wearing
them thanks to the fact my converse are comfy as all hell. 
got around to styling them and actually going out in them! So here’s
a shot from just before I went to the airport to pick up a friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset“What’s in your head, in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie?”
– The Cranberries

Top: Zombie Nation Touchdown // Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Supra Skytop // Supra
Watch: Pebble Smartwatch // Pebble

Photo credit: Sam Heathfield

Amazing Luck

I tried to gain three different Soundwave tickets this week for the Sunday so I could see Faith No 10523785_1800918856798898_636357901479081484_nMore and none of them panned out, I got screwed on every one of them. I decided to go to the Gallery Of Modern Art instead which I really enjoyed, as I was leaving I got a call from the Carindale apple store(which is no where near my gold coast home) to tell me that my macbook was ready, I went and picked that up, receiving free bus travel to and from Westfield, my Macbook Pro safely in my hands, as I got on an airport to gold coast train I got a message regarding a Soundwave ticket and I decided to do it, almost throwing my macbook at Sam when I got off the train to get back on the next Brisbane bound train.

I turned up at the RNA in the hopes of getting this ticket and the guy was screwing me, telling me he couldn’t get out of the gates so I was feeling disappointed once again, instead I had a guy say to me “hey wanna make some money?”, I was wondering what his deal was, turns out his friend from Western Australia couldn’t be there and he had an unused two day ticket that he wanted to give me to sell onwards while he went home, instead I checked that it was a valid ticket only to use it to gain entry, I was in! I saw Faith No More for the second time in my twenty years of life.

It was the greatest experience of my whole life and I am so extremely grateful for this random guy, so with that being said thank you Nathan Morrison(name on the ticket) you made me one very happy girl.


Oops! its been over two months since my last post, so much has changed in my life since as well. I live in Queensland now, I actually live with Sam in Royal Pines, well not for much longer but still thats where I live until like the start of next month when we move into our Pacific Pines house. It still feels weird to say that I live with him when we lived separately for over two years but its nice, its been just over a month since I moved.

10420358_1786859021538215_7342016499703791018_nI started my diploma of graphic design last Monday, I’m actually typing this out while waiting for my Thursday night class on typography to start. I really like it, hoping my Tuesday night class will improve my drawing skills as I feel like they are terrible but I’m sure thats something everyone thinks about themselves.

I’m a fully licensed driver, thanks to the Queensland transport people including the extra months I spent on my learners and provisional one license my license rolled over on 6th February to an open license which means I no longer have as many restrictions on my licence, not that I have any want to have any alcohol and drive or anything but its nice to know I can eat foods that have alcohol in them and still drive, that and not having to stress that there are p plates on the car every time I drive.


I have acquired my first black milk clothing inside out dress! I successfully ninja’d one Mucha Black
vs La Trappistine inside out dress(IOD)with some help from Sam of course after the beautiful Lana & Shanna helped me sneakily try one on when I made my first visit to the BMHQ cafe, originally it was just so I would know my size for one but it was so beautiful that I just didn’t want to take it off and give it back. I did give it back but I managed to get one without any problems which makes me so happy, especially when I go out in the La Trappistine side then go to the bathroom only to come out wearing the Mucha Black side & having a little giggle. The cut is absolutely beautiful and I really hope I manage to get hold of an old sample IOD or two at the sample sale on 21st February.  I also tried on a spirithood (pictured above) while I was there and that was 100% amazing, I need one!



’tis the season to actually stop being a lazy shit and update your blog so here is a life update! :P10730799_1746536218903829_4276215906729618008_n

Ok so my last post was October, since then I have gotten a hair cut, changed my hair colour, gotten engaged, traveled to the middle of nowhere and stood on the wing of a plane. Firstly, hair cut, hair is short again! hair colour, brown with purple ends to my fringe.

1609573_1722730284617756_5121417948365178767_nGot engaged! On our way to Melbourne back in October I received a printed boarding pass that said “Dee-Anne, will you marry me?” on it from Sam, naturally I said yes and things are nothing short of great with that ^_^

Travelling to the middle of nowhere! Late November I travelled to Longreach with Sam, after being mistaken as 10171680_1744435639113887_4080719715182809508_n
Canadian due to my comment when I got off the plane “I’ve experienced the heat, I now need to go to Canada” & an AGM, Sam & I decided to do some cool stuff like walk on the wing of a 747 & a 707, I look terrified in every photo because not yay for heights >.< As hot as it was I had a great time! :)

So yes, life is good. Moving to Qld in January, starting graphic design in February and just hoping to finally go in the right direction :)

Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.

Sith shooter! my favourite black milk piece because little bit boyish & a whole lot of star wars!
I think this is also my most worn piece, mum even swears its the only one she has actually
seen me wear which I’m 100% sure isn’t true but its probably 90% of what she has seen 😝

For a rough sizing idea I’m 174cm tall, wear a 12-14 top and 14-16 bottom, this is an L.
Also if you’re struggling with sizing when it comes to black milk I highly recommend
private messaging the facebook page with your measurements, I was unsure when it came to
 this shooter and TJane responded with spot on advice.

shootermirror“Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.” – Anakin Skywalker

Shooter: Sith Deathstars Shooter // Black Milk Clothing
Shorts: Denim High Waisted Shorts // Kmart
Shoes : Chuck Taylor All Star Hi // Converse

I’m having an old friend for dinner

Sorry, got a bit excited! Zombie Nation is like my dream print but silly me bought
Zombie Nation HWMF leggings in an XL when I’m an M, I know that sounds odd but
it was when I was unsure about my size. I can’t get over how soft and comfortable this
piece is, I think I have worn it like four full days since I bought it on 23rd September.

Sizing with touchdowns is a little different, it all depends on how you want it to fit
I bought my shooter size which is L to get an oversized thing going but easily could
have gone S if I wanted a fitted look. While I’ve tucked it into my shorts in this
picture I usually wear it hanging out looking like I have no pants on.

Could also be styled with BM’s matte black leggings or even sheer spartans

touchdownmirror“I do wish we could chat longer, but… I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.”
– Hannibal Lecter

Top: Zombie Nation Touchdown // Black Milk Clothing
Shorts: Denim High Waisted Shorts // Kmart
Shoes: Chuck Taylor All Star Hi // Converse

Hey, when I was your age 50 cents was a lot of money.

Finally stopped being lazy and took some better pictures of my dollar skater!
I really think it is my favourite skater dress even though it my only one, I’m
actually super amazed that I fit into a medium dress, I would have guess I
was a large if not an extra large but nope, I’m actually an “average” size for once.
While it is a reversible skater dress meaning scoop on one side and racerback on
the other I only wear it one way, mostly due to boob related issues with the
racerback side. Issues aside its a super comfortable dress with a super cool print.

Untitled-1“Hey, when I was your age 50 cents was a lot of money.” – Homer Simpson

Dress: The Dollar Reversible Skater Dress // Black Milk Clothing
Jacket: Jackson Cardi // Factorie
Shoes: Chuck Taylor All Star Hi // Converse